Semix Corporate

About us

Founded in 1987, SEDA INSAAT TAAHHÜT VE TICARET LTD.STI started its activities in the field of public works contracts, mainly the import and trade in second-hand construction equipment and machinery.  Semix  operates and service more than 30 years in the sector with 8000 m2 main sales office located in Ankara/Gimat, Marmara region sales office located in Istanbul Anatolian Side and 23000 m3 factory located in Ankara Başkent Industrial  Zone. Semix has ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate and has improved with CE Certificate, also GOST Certificate and has been professionalized on manufacturing and installation of concrete batching plant.



Semix focuses, analysis of concrete batching plant you required and qualified manufacturing and installation of batching plant with the results of R&D Studies of our professional engineer team. Customer satisfaction is our first principle. Our main purpose is not only business success, it is specifying the customer’s requirements and choosing/supplying  the best products for our customers.

Spare parts manufacturing, production quality and labor, assembly and disassembly, qualified training and after sales services and customer focused working style caries name of Semix worldwide.  Semix reaches success of exporting products more than 35 countries (4 continents) like Russia, England, French, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, U.A.E., Oman, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Syria, K.S.A., Yemen, Algeria, Sudan, Morocco, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine,  Azerbaijan, Afghanistan etc.

Our Mission

Always prioritizing customer’s requirements
Being respectful of environment, nature and society
Valuing human resources
Supporting creativity and helping to improve it
Based open communication
Management mentality based open communication
Creating sense of unity with our customers, partners and personnel

Our Vision

Semix is one step ahead company with R&D activities according to exact customer requirements.

It has powerful project, production and fund of knowledge.  The ultimate goal of Semix that taking as principle of customer focused working is customer satisfaction.

Our Factory

As serial manufacturing  in a facility in Ankara Başkent Industrial Zone located on 23000 m3 area, Semix prioritizes quality and reliability and keeps to take firm steps forward.

Our Quality Policy

We adopt, management mentality of customer focused concrete batching plant manufacturing, targeting constantly progress and supporting participation of our personnel.


For This Purpose;


· Always prioritizing customer’s requirements
· Being respectful of environment, nature and society
· Valuing human resources, supporting creativity and helping to improve it, based open communication
· Using all sources effectively
· Creating sense of unity with our customers, partners and personnel , also fulfilling the all conditions of regulations (current laws), improving and using ISO 9001 Management System conditions for our all activities are our quality policy.

Our Environment Policy

· Inside and outside of company, minimizing all pollution factors that affect environment
· Using all sources effectively and smartly
· Applying recycling technology
· Inside and outside of company, organizing trainings about environmental consciousness, supporting these kind of trainings
· Providing continuously progress
· As adopting Environment Management System, fulfilling all requirements of currents laws systematically in all activity fields

Our “Health and Safety Executive” Policy

· In our services, taking required steps, specifying conditions risky for our customers, personnel and the other persons.
· Raising awareness our customers, personnel and other related persons about occupational health and safety
· Developing our occupational health and safety system and keeping to progress it
· Working according to current laws of occupational health and safety rules
· Specifying and applying precautions of occupational health and safety in our activities,



Our Human Resources Applications

Our main purpose is to support for developing our team according to personal carrier targets, equipping with new knowledge of information era.

Hiring Period

The purpose of hiring period is placing candidates who have proper abilities in terms of Semix’s vision, mission to right positions.

At the first step, after pre-meeting with candidate, it is checked the availability of candidate for related open position and gave required info to candidate.  If the first step is confirmed according to company policy, than the candidate is put into touch with the manager of related department.  The main purpose of this meeting is measuring the candidate’s availability in terms of vision, mutual benefits and future expectations. Human Resource Department offers the job to candidate if these two meetings are successful. Hired personnel is subjected to two months testing period according to current Turkish Labor Laws.

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