Mobile Type Concrete Batching Plants

Mobile type concrete batching plants are produced for saving time and providing requirements of the sector as a result; construction industry became the leader sector in the whole world, project and design times shortened comparing with the past and it was needed concrete for different type sites in the taken project.

  • Easy to mount and de-mount
  • Easy to transport from one location to others.
  • Designed according to international transportation standards, reducing costs of transportation and operation
  • Suitability for hard conditions and climate
  • Not required for concrete foundation
  • Low-costs for transportation
  • Advantages because of fast installation and commissioning
  • Minimum substructure costs
  • Because of fast demounting feature, It provides to change installation place easily and rapidly.
  • With the advantages of mobile type concrete batching plant, It provides you to save of energy consumption, costs of commissioning and maintenance and manufacturing time.
  • Capacity Specifications MOBILE 60
  • Compacted Concrete (m3/hr): 60
  • Aggregate Bunker
  • Number of Aggregate Bunker Cell: 4
  • Capacity of Bunker Cell (m3): 10
  • Aggregate Weighing Belt (mm): 800 x 4075
  • Mixer Specifications
  • Mixer Feed Conveyor (mm): 800 x 9244
  • Mixer Compressed Concrete Capacity (m3): 1
  • Mixer Type: Single Spindle
  • Compressor
  • Compressor: 1100 lt/dk
  • Control System
  • Control System: SCHNEIDER
  • Cement Silos
  • Cement Silos: Optional

Not: Values listed in the chart may be changed according to site conditions and demands of customer.

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