Aggregate Bunker

SEMIX Concrete Batching Plants are designed for long term of application and provided guarantee of maximum reliability. Stock capacities of aggregate bunkers are designed from 4 cells up to 8 cells and the capacity is between minimum 40 m³ and maximum 480 m³. Production is clarified according to customers’ demands. All discharge gates can be operated by automation system. Aggregate material is loaded to bunkers by truck, loader or a pre-feeding system.


Cement Silos


Silos are produced as baseless, welded and bolted type. It is changed according to capacity and installation area (country). Bolted type silos are used generally for foreign countries. Reasons of choosing bolted silos are easy transportation and decreasing transportation costs. Besides, 150 ton and higher capacity cement silos are designed and produced bolted type because of the sizes. Our bolted type cement silos are produced 50,75,100,150,200,250 tons and higher capacity as standartly.

Mobile and Stationary Pre-Feeding Systems

Because of the reason of using rectangle type aggregate bunker (2×2) in the mobile concrete batching plants, it must be needed to build two side ramp for loading aggregate material. As is known, the best advantage of mobile concrete batching plants is easy transportation from worksite to worksite. However, because it is not possible to move the built ramp for other worksite, it must be needed to build a new ramp in the new worksite. It means extra costs. In this case, Semix solves this kind of problems with using Aggregate Pre-Feeding System. Optional this unit, can be added to Mobile Concrete Batching System according to customers’ demands. In the pre-feeding system; aggregate pre-feeding system, loading bunker, transfer belt, rotational chute and integrated structure to control panel can be used from the control cabinnet without extra effort. Aggregate Pre-Feeding system provides effectively and easy aggregte material loading, alongside of not having building ramp costs. This production can be produced according to customers’ demands in two types as mobile and stationary.


Radial and Shuttle Type Pre-Feeding Systems


Because of using linear type aggregate bunker in stationary concrete batching plants, it is needed to build a loading ramp to back of aggregate bunker for loading material. Loader’s catching capacity of the batching plant’s production rate can be costly and difficult especially in the stationary type concrete batching plants because of high concrete capacity. In this case, Aggregate Pre-Feeding system can be perfect solution. For stationary type concrete batching plants, automatic aggregate pre-feeding system is produced as radial type with conveyor. In the radial type with conveyor, firstly aggregate material is loaded to aggregate loading bunker, than it is transferred to transfer belt. This transfer belt can move radially, scan and specify the realted aggregate bunker cell and load the material.

In the shuttle type pre-feeding system, there is a short belt on top of the aggregate bunker. Transfer belt is fed this short belt.

This short belt can be moved two side. When it comes related bunker cell, than loads material.

Cement-Bag System

Cement Bag System includes; feding bunker, cement transfer screw conveyor and command panel.

Operator tears the bag and loads the cement into the bunker. The Cement is transferred to cement silo by screw conveyor.


Big-Bag System


The cement transferred by big bags can be pushed to cement silos by our special design pneumatic transportation system.

Big-Bag Cement Transportation System includes; loading bunker, pre-feeding screw conveyor, pressure tank, compressor, crane and command panel.

The system has 15 ton/hr cement transportation capacity. It is used 2 ton capacity crane for lifting of big-bags to top of bunker.

Big-bag Cement Transportaiton System can be fit in 1 piece 40” Open Top (OT) contanier.

Dry-Wet By-Pass System

In the dry-wet type concrete batching plant includes as well dry batching by-pass line optionally. In this sytem; if it is requested dry batch, aggregate material is loaded to truckmixer directly by using by-pass system with a valve. In the other hand, than weighed cement is discharged to truckmixer directly like aggregate material by a valve and screw conveyor. If it is requested wet concrete, by-pass system is deactivated than aggregate material and cement are transferred to mixer for batching with water. In wet concrete system, water ratio is specified by weighing. In case of dry batching system, especially in the high temperature for blocking to early set of concrete, water is measured as volumetric before arriving of truckmixer to the worksite and added to truckmixer and dry mixing is converted to wet concrete.

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